flight [ flaıt ] noun ***
▸ 1 moving through air
▸ 2 trip through air/space
▸ 3 (bird) movement in air
▸ 4 an attempt to escape
▸ 5 set of stairs
1. ) uncount the act or process of moving through the air, or the ability to move through the air:
What was the direction of flight when the plane crashed?
the evolutionary advantages of developing flight
in flight: Swallows have a very distinctive shape in flight.
2. ) count a trip through air or space in a vehicle such as an airplane:
My flight has been delayed.
flight to/from: The flight from New York to London took about 5 hours.
on a flight: I need to be on the next flight out of here.
a ) only before noun belonging to or connected with a flight:
the airline's flight schedule
a flight ban after midnight
3. ) count a movement through the air by a bird or object:
Pigeons make flights of over 10,000 miles.
Several factors control the ball's flight.
a ) LITERARY a group of birds flying together:
We saw a flight of geese heading south.
4. ) count or uncount the act of running away or trying to escape from someone or something:
The refugees made a desperate flight to freedom.
a ) take flight to run away or try to escape:
Suddenly the herd of antelope took flight.
b ) put someone to flight to make someone run away or try to escape:
The advancing army put the rebels to flight.
5. ) count a set of stairs going from one level to another:
The restrooms are two flights up.
flight of stairs/steps: A flight of stone steps leads down to the courtyard.
flight of fancy/imagination
an idea that is unusual and exciting or fun, but silly or not practical

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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